Welcome to The Big Bamboo Cafe on Hilton Head Island

On March 3, 1944 Jimmy Phipps opened the Big Bamboo, a bar and grill overlooking the Pacific. The place was constructed of bamboo, corrugated tin, palm fronds and whatever else Phipps was able to get his hands on. Food and liquor were brought in weekly on cargo planes by people that ex-fighter pilot knew who were still serving the air force. The menu featured foods from various regions of the United States – food that soldiers desired most while being so far from home. The Big bamboo became a place where people could get away from the rigors and worries of the real world and it was not uncommon for pilots to complain of engine problems near Tarawa just as an excuse to visit the place. And, on any given night, the sound of Big Band music spirited conversation carried by warm tropical breezes could be heard across the tiny island.


Welcome to our version of the Big Bamboo, constructed as closely as possible to the configurations of the original. We still feature great food from across the United States. The conversation still flows as freely as the drinks. And the lively sound of Big Band music can be heard on any given night. Here’s to Jimmy!


Coligny Plaza - Hilton Head Island - (843)686-3443

This will be part of our huge Big Bamboo Holiday Blowout.  The one and only Zach Deputy takes the stage once again at the Big Bamboo Cafe.  Call or stop by for tickets.  This show will Sell Out. 

One of the pre-eminent practitioners of “live looping”, Zach Deputy’s one-man show of "Island-infused, Drum 'n' Bass, Gospel-Ninja-Soul" has the energy and sound of a 6-piece band. Ensconced behind an array of microphones and technology, Zach and his nylon stringed guitar weave a tapestry of instrumentation and voices in an ever-evolving, improvised arrangement that is ultimately based on a composition but allowed to breathe with the audience. Enhanced by a stunning light show, Zach Deputy’s show transforms clubs and open fields alike into sweaty dance parties for fans of R&B, soul, jam, Caribbean music and even electronica.


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ZACH DEPUTY - MON, 12/29  9pm

the one and only! 


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Directions to The Big Bamboo Cafe - Coligny Plaza